Position in Learning:

Growing up in the late 60’s, many people experience a major problem in reading and writing which causes for a misunderstanding within process learning correctly. Because this issue was so widespread many people took this to be a learning process that would easily be a correction with a more understanding of the sentence, phrases, and paragraphs within the study time. During this process of understanding the problem with our children, many parents and teachers failed to understand the overall needs that were at hand. The average high school student that was not reading on the academic level of learning were finishing high school with a GPA 1.9 or lower and reading on a third-grade level. The chances of becoming a successful writer, a lawyer, or becoming a high school teacher was out the window for these children.

Studying was the major key in this time frame, but because of the number of students who deal with dyslexia and many other reading problems would exit them out of the American Dream. I was one of the students that struggle with my reading and writing in school. In preparing for school each year it seems like my dreams of being successful were far from the very core of my life. Success was calling out my name, and I needed to learn how each area would give me knowledge and understanding that would take me from where I came from into a life of prosperity in my success.

After years of studying and pushing myself to the next level in life. The process of learning was a truly founded in progress within my studying. The success of digging into the word and understanding the background information blew me completely away, and it causes for me to dig deeper into each process. Our parents introduce us to the Bible and studying the word of God by standing before the family quoting scriptures and chapters each night before bedtime. After years of learning how to stand in front of the family, find out how to remember the Bible, I was able to pull my grade level up and graduate from high school with a GPA of 2.1 over the amount of knowledge that I was getting.

Years later after high school and some college, I decide that I wanted to go back and finish my college degree in electronic. Little did I know that to gather the information and the credits that I needed a level of understanding and not just understanding but knowing my materials was majorly needed in my life. However, despite what happen in the passed, I went back to college, and I stood the test of time, and I beat the course.


  2010 – 2012 GPA 3.1

Ohio Christian University – Associate of Arts Degree in Christian Ministry

2012 – 2015 GPA 4.0

Ohio Christian University – Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Leadership

Published Books:

2012 As A Poet Speaks! The Illumination of My Heart!

2011 Birthing Out Your Twelve Ds In Your Destiny!

Upcoming Books:

2017 Broken!

2017 As A Poet Speaks! Volume Two and much, much more as the Lord leads!

Success Stories:

Success stories are written every day in this world. The only time that we are failing to be successful in our lives is when we do not manage in giving up on our dreams. I had some of the hardest experience in my life, from overcoming the fight with dyslexia and truly fighting in my writing and studying. No matter how hard it got, I refuse to give up and be successful in the Lord. I am where I am at because of Christ Jesus. Learned from my failures and become a success story.

Kenneth Ray Hare        



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