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The Seven Expectations of Sowing Seeds for Increase

The Lord gave this a few months and it has been a great blessing in my life every since that day. When I understand that I have a seed place on the inside of me and that I must let that seed die before it can bring forward an increase in my life.

The powerful part about sowing in a field is when the seeds are place into the ground. Once the ground has been prepared the seeds knows what to do without anyone telling it to die. This is how powerful the Ministry should be in your life. When you have a seed that is place on the inside of you, the seed must be able to go through the process without any hinders from the body. The seed will bring  about a pure knowledge and power to be successful in the heart of the sower.

In these seven stages of expectation of growth, a person can prepared themselves for a greater good by letting the seed go through the process in there life. In the next few passages you will read how this process can work in your life to help you walk upright before the Living God.

The Seven Expectations of Sowing Seeds for Increase

  1. The Expectations of Exist – In order to prepare for this process, you must allow the outer layers to begin to operate in the correct process. There maybe places in your life where you do not want to let go of something or maybe there are places where you cannot get through the process without failing in some kind of way. The problem comes because you will not release the outer layers that are dying in the process of your life. You are trying to hold on to something that is to die on you and the correct way to work this process is to let it complete the cycle that it doing in your life.
  2. The Expectations of Impact – In order for this part to take place in your life, you have to embrace the impact of the process of the death of the seed. The outer layers has taking place and now the impact of being broken is free to operate in your life, but at this point so many people lose heart because they do not know how to embrace the impact in their lives.
  3. The Expectations of Exposed – This part deal with the root of an issues from the seed dying in the ground. Because they don’t see you coming up and because they do not see the process taking place of the seeds, they tend to past judgment on the ground for not bringing forward the seeds of harvest. This is where so many people in Ministry are at because they are failing to be successful because no one sees the process of growth.
  4.  The Expectations of Influence from the Future – At this point in the process, most people have try to killed the dream, try killed the process of growth within a person life. Most people have water it to much and have not correctly took care of the grounds for a harvest to  come up, but the process of the seed at this point already knows that you have a influence future. This means that your seed was planted for purpose to bring about a greater good and a better harvest from the process of understanding what is on the inside of you. Greatness doesn’t come from building a ministry, but comes from a seed that has die in the ground.
  5. The Expectations of Impairment – In this stage of the process, most people think your vision is to high for them so they do not know how to address you or reach you. And if your expectation are to low of them, the stilled do not know how to reach you. So they vision has become impaired because they cannot see the future growth of more seeds in your life. They cannot see the harvest taking them over, so they continue to live in lack and in fear of knowing that they have an expect end in Christ Jesus.
  6. The Expectations of Empower – In order to know who you are in Christ Jesus, you must know your empowerment to help others. It is through this process that Christ is able to operate through your life for a greater good. Your empowerment is so important that when you continue to grow in the Lord you will learned how to bring forward another knowledge in the Lord.
  7. The Expectations of Roots – Your roots must be place deep within the sow so that you can be planted deep within the Lord. When your roots are near the living water of God, you can bring forward seeds of greatness by also bringing new growth within your purpose. Your roots are design to dig deep and spread wide from every walk in the life through the process of finding the necessary food to continue feed the growth of the seeds that is still growing in your life. Just because you are a full grown tree does not means that you are fully grown. There is stilled some growth that you stilled cannot see operating in the lives of a person.

The next time you are looking at a seed or seeds, don’t take it for being just a seed in your hand. The seed or seeds are a true growth from the process of dying. We must speak life into the very seeds that has been given to us to operate through in our lives. If we continue to walk on the seeds of a person life, that person will never grow to be the successful person that they are meant to be in life.

For every Bishops, Apostle, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teachers as well as laymen in the gospel of Christ Jesus. Let us not throw seeds down without preparing the grounds for the seeds that God has place in our hands to care for tilled He comes back in the air. It is our duty as a leader to be in order for His purpose and for operating in the manner that will be pleasing to the Lord.

Prophet Kenneth R. Hare

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