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Here’s my life struggles:
I was born into a season where most young black men was not immediately available or attentive in this world system. I was born in the late 60’s during a time when the Black Americans Community was making a statement and a stand against the Bullying of a White Americans Community. This great avenue took a new stand within the Country and it costs a fortune on the minds of the people more than the original concept that was seen by others. Since the Southern part of America was struggling to identify who they were, their children was caught in a losing battle that wasn’t their war. They were born into the action of warfare without even having a chance to survive the dramatic effects of the world system. The result of fighting a war that you don’t know who you are during the war something cause you to experience a major loss in your life.

I was lost inside of a system that have truly forgotten about educating me within the mind of a young black man. The reason why I was forgotten about is because of fear of knowing and retaining knowledge and power to be a successful younger black boy growing up in a white world. Going to an all black school for six years out of my life, only to be told that am not reading on a White School Level. I was placed by in the first grade rather than being put into the fifth grade that I was in the Black School. Starting over within a war against terrorism of blacks who invaded the all white schools systems. I was told I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write, I couldn’t understand simple words and phrases as well as sentences. So, throughout my life, I struggle with a rare form of dyslexia that cause for me to misunderstand most of my words. 

My parents and siblings did everything in their power to help me learned at a level where I could just passed one class. With all the help they gave it just didn’t help me out. My parents finally made up in their minds to put me in a special needs class. I struggle in a war of learning one way and now understanding that am different from the others who are dying around me without an understanding of who they are in this life. 

I was given glasses and my parents were told this is his problems because I couldn’t see or make out the way words looked. I was taking to doctors, because it must be in my head rather than within my eyes and I kept having the problem. I was brought to every white doctors throughout a war that wasn’t even mines. I was a little boy left on the field of war between the two sides of Americans. I was being taken care of by the enemies that once held my parents and fore parents in bondage to their minds. They were told that they would not be successful or great leaders in the Southern States of America. 

In later years of my childhood I was taken to the library by my dad and he introduce me to the world of books. He made a pack with me to learned every book in the children’s library and then write him a report on ten books of my choice. As I stood there trying to figure out how in the world was I going to do what he asking me. I did everything in my power to fulfill his promise and for me to know each books and words in that library. 

As years went by I did everything in my power to honor my daddy’s request. Before he died in November of 1982, I fulfill his assignment. 

I graduate from high school two years later because of my dad’s death and the struggle I endure from that day. 

For years, I work like crazy to proved to my mother that I was a great child. I wrote a poetry book before her and my wife die. I didn’t get it published until one year after my wife’s death. I presented it to my mother for approval but I honestly didn’t get the approval that I needed, but at this point in my life it shouldn’t have matter, but it did. 

Even though years later am still seeking approval for the day my mother said “I was crazy or I couldn’t learned like the others or that I would never amount to anything”. When your mother addressed your life as being nothing in a war that truly wasn’t mines, you tend to standstill as you try your hardest to figure out how you can just correct one small thing that’s wrong in your life. I struggle to be just accepted by my mother and then by my siblings and other family and friends. 

Now I write because am blessed to share my heart, my love, and my struggles of being counted out as being a special person in a world that doesn’t know I exist. I write because I was counted out by my mother and by the school systems of this world. I also love writing because I get a chance to talk about Jesus Christ. It is because of him putting within my father and mother at a young age to take everything to Him. So, I would spend hours talking to the Lord, taking everything to Him, crying because I couldn’t read or write a simple sentence. I grew up frustration because I couldn’t remember how to spell or pronounce words. I failed three grades in my life in school. I failed the first two times in college and never went back until I met my late wife. 

I struggle over and over again on retaining words and knowledge. Now because of my parents and the Father’s Jesus Christ through the working of the Holy Spirit, I retain everything and quote scriptures, dictionaries, and enjoying writing new books and blogs on my website. Am looking forward to seeing my work in books and in book stores around the world. 

Am a Mentor in Your Child Our Children’s Future! Am a Inspiration Speaker and am working extra hard to be different from the war that wasn’t mines!

Thank you for reading my profile, Kenneth R. Hare

Here’s the books I have written and is writing on now.

As A Poet Speaks! The Illuminations of My Heart! 2014 and

Waiting to Published:
How Did I Get Here?

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