Why Am I Under Attack? When I asked the Lord this question on last week after being told to go back home once I gotten to work. The thoughts of loneliness and disassociate filled my heart and for a moment tears fell from my eyes. As I sit there trying to figure out what has happened to my life, I realized that I was under attack from the enemies of Hell. As I stood there wondering why was these happening to me, the cold war of my life was being pulled apart by the weapons of mass destruction to take me out. The Spiritual attacks of the enemy was designed to wage war against my mind, my will, and my emotional connection to my surrounding. The results of this battle was to killed my character and take out the sole purpose of my Ministry as well as attack my character from work. This type of attack is designed to frustrate and disassociate myself with others about the process of understanding what has happened and taken place in my life. The enemy has been in the face of the Lord Jesus Christ to get permission to bring this type of battle to the mind of the true believers. He is already defeated, but within their minds that are under the leadership of the ranking officers of Darkness of this World. They have a intellectual thought process about how to deceive you by using your life situations and circumstances to attack you where it hurts. The mindframe of the demons is to robber you are your plans and purpose in bringing about the weapons of our warfare. The actions of the demons is to attack you while the very subtance of evidence is standing before you. There job is to get you off focus toward Jesus Christ. He doesn't want you to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for your assignments and purpose. He attacks your personality and your character towards the Lord Jesus Christ. There purpose is to keep you tied up with so many things that you cannot contact the Holy Spirit or any Host in Heaven. They attack in groups of fours so that they can hit each side of the person . They attack the character, the heart, the mind, and last the Spirit of a person. This type of attack comes for the purpose of killing the person character first, then the heart or soul of a person by bring destruction within the midst. They attack the mind by weighting it down or bringing a difference of opinion and action to the person. This type of attack cause for deep rooted issues to arise and to continue bringing up old things as well as constructed force that will bring a physical harm to the person. Once the person release their voice and heartfelt thoughts, the enemy has fuel to continue the war and continue the attacks that are caused by body harm and sometimes death to a person life and Spirit. There attacks are assigned to weaken the person spirit so that person will not call on the Lord or seek His face, but continues to worried themselves over the matter which is sin in the eyesight of God. The enemy job is to keep you out of Heaven and out of the placement of Christ by any means necessary. We must wage war against the spiritual of Darkness by pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ over our lives, homes, and jobs. We must take authority and fight the good fight of faith by staying in our word daily, seeking His face, crying out to the Lord until Heavens move, and fasting before the Lord Jesus Christ daily until a breakthrough take place. Let's us rise up and fight the good fight of faith!

Around The World Within Seconds!

AROUND THE WORLD IN SECOND! When we think about time, we sometimes don't think about the actually second  it take. We tend to look at the amount of time instead of the actually second in that time. For example 60 second equals a full minute, and one hour equals 60 minutes. Now let’s take a look at time [...]