I Am A Millionaire and Billionaire Thinker! Why? Because I Think Outside The Box!

This is the most define part of the Ministry. Giving back to the young minds by teaching them how to think outside their surrounding. Thinking of every situation by offering hope and support in a time of need. By training each child in the way that he or she must go, this is helping to fulfilled the order of the Bible. 

Our purpose is to help educate each student to be a success story within himself or herself. It is to teach each person who to study the word of God. How to get that higher grade within the school and keep it to become the next Millionaire or Billionaire Thinker.

This was given to me by the working power of the Holy Spirit within my life. I notice how the Holy Spirit kept reminding me of my past life and how important it was to be an over comer for the Kingdom of God. I took the time out to listen and follow His advice and I begin to say the very words that I tell so many students each week. Within a matter of seconds the wording were born out of my Spirit and brought into life by the working of the Holy Spirit. 


The requirement to become a team player within this club is as followed:

  1. Each student doesn’t matter if it is boy or a girl must maintain an “A”, “B”, or “C” average throughout the school year. If any student falls below this level, they must bring a written reason for why they grades has dropped.
  2. Each student must be a person who spend time reading a book to educate themselves beyond the level for where they are at in life. They can go to library and check out any book that they desires, they must study the book and read it on top of their other studies.
  3. All yearly grades must go through two hands – their parents and mines of one of my staff hands for approval to stay in the clubs. This is important and determines their placement in life.
  4. Each student must know the books in the Bible by name in the beginning and at the end of one year know the meaning of the books.
  5. This is a Bible Teaching Course and it is design to push each students into their next stage in life. It is also design to help aid in the area of studies within the school systems.
  6. Obedience and Respect is demanded within the order of this Club at all times. Yes Sir or No Mam is the correct respond. May I speak is the correct order of things. Raising your hand without yelling out is the correct order of things. Listening is the correct order of things. Understanding is the correct order of things.

We will work in direct order with the Boys and Girls Club of Meridian, Mississippi and all surrounding counties. Any one who is interest in our service can contact us for our fees and our times. This is a full-time job that we are looking to start as well as continue within the working of the school system and within the order of the power of the Holy Spirit within our lives.

Our purpose is to Educate, Equip, and to help direct our youth and next generation of leaders in the correct process by helping to redirect their steps from drugs and gang related activities. 

My number one Pet P – “You do not have to be in the area where you grew up just because someone down street from you is selling drugs. You have the decision to make and let that decision be one that will redirect your life toward success. No one can stop you from being successful except you and no one can keep you out of Heaven accept you. Learned to make a difference every time you think.” (Prophet Kenneth Ray Hare)


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