Prophet K. R. Hare Ministries, Inc.

P. K. Ministries, Inc.

A. I. M.

Achieving Your Individual Mission from Christ Jesus!

What is P.K.M.? Stand for Prophet Kenneth Hare Ministry

I am a man of Integrity. I am a man of Visions and Dreams as well as have an Open Communication through Prophecy and Prophetic Influence from the Holy Spirit.

I love and enjoy Creativity Thoughts and Writing for the Kingdom of God. Am very Passionate for Teaching the Word of God and completing the importance to my call and purpose in doing the completely work.

I am a Team Player and A True Servant for the Word of God and my Heart goes out for the Purpose of the Kingdom. 

Am very Confidence in Word and Knowledge from the Lord and  I have a greater understanding for Self – Discipline and Order of Service through the Kingdom of God!

I am also not into Club House Ministries where men and women dress up in Christian customs to play with the Lord of Host.

The Ministry that I am given from the Lord is a no walls Ministry that takes the Word of God to the people where they live at rather than waiting on them to come to the Place where we called Church Building. 


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