About Founders

P. K. M. Ministries, Inc.

P.  K.  M.  stands for Prophet Kenneth Hare Ministry

Welcome to PKM Ministries

We started this Ministry out of our two bedroom apartment back in April of 2010 and by going house to house teaching the word of God. We also feed the homeless, took in men and women after Hurricane Katrina into our two bedroom apartment and helped to clothed many other families. It is our passion to bring people the power and operation of Christ by all means necessary.

We also team up with Evangelist Phillip A. Blackshear of Dallas, Tx. and helped with Gathering of the Lost Ministry as well as helping with Street Ministry throughout the Dallas and surrounding area in Texas. By working together with other powerful Ministries, we was able to help aid many with the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The Prophetcy of PKM

My late wife Prophetess Brandi J. B. Hare, prophecies the word of God to me after having a dream on the name of the Ministry back in April of 2008. Here’s what she said, “Kenneth, I see the letters P. K. M. and she said, they stood for ‘Pastor Kenneth Hare Ministry’ and she said, I see you traveling around the world Teaching the word of God to many nations. She said, I see you going by yourself with a great followers of people with you as you continue to operate in the power of God. After she finishing telling me about this great dream, she returned back to bed and got up later saying  ‘I read it wrong!’. I asked her, what did you read wrong? And she said the letters, it doesn’t say Pastor but “Prophet Kenneth Hare Ministry”. After she finishes telling me about this great dream from the Lord, she asked what did the Lord say to me? I didn’t have a answer for her at that moment, but exactly one week later I was given the same thing in a dream. In the dream was found these word, “Prophet Kenneth R. Hare Ministry. After I saw these words on a billboard, I saw a picture of myself standing next to it and a large number of people behind me. I looked again and I saw the world, the nations, and a number of people from all walks of life following me into the Kingdom of God. Then I saw the Heavens open up as people from all nations walk into the Kingdom of God”.

The Background

Even though this was given to us in a dream back in 2008, it stilled did not come to past until 2012 after the death of my wife. For the last four years, I have operate in this prophetic called that is on my life and I have operate out of the Office of a Prophet. After going through much heartach and major pain and loss, I am learning what it truly means to walk in this office. Even though I love Teaching more than any other gift, I am learning to work and operate with the gift and power that the Lord gives me.

PKM has not only become a Ministry for me, but a way of life. I have learned and continue learning to shape and operate my life completely around the Lord and His direction. I thank the Lord a million times over for giving me Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding in the word of God to Teach and Train His people in the Word of God. All glory goes to Him!

Prophet Kenneth R. Hare Ministry, Inc.




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