My New Books Coming Soon!

Broken is taking from a section out of my personal life. 

 Am writing to men from a man point of view about the things that we are not sharing with others. I want to give all men away of letting go of their inner pain and hurt from situation that has gotten them into a placement that honestly cannot be explained.

So everyone please get yourself ready for a book that I completely going to change your life forever. 

BROKEN! Coming Soon

Just Turn The Page!

This book deals with a personal issue within a marriage. In laws and love ones does make a difference, but instead of dealing with them, Just Turn The Page!

Look for it soon!

Investing In the Sheep! A Hazard Commuication! 

This book was given to me after dealing with the Five Fold Office of the Church. Since I have dealt with more Pastors than any other calling within the local Church. After seeking the Lord for directions this book was born. It is definitely a must have book for all upcoming Pastors and ones in office now. 

Coming soon!

How Did I Get Here?

Is based on a divine dream from the Lord concerning End Times Event, the Office of the Church, the Children and the World Population, and last the Judgment Sit of Christ. 

Again Definitely a must have book for your studying!

Excruciating Pain!

In this book am actually writing about the pain of Jesus and the people who suffer from Chronic Pain throughout their lives. 

I love relying my personal life to the word of God and helping to aid others. 

Again a Must have book!

As you can tell, I enjoy writing and producing art work in writing that’s going to help aid in your life. Help me get the word out that am working so hard to do. Am attempting to publish a number of books at the same time so that God’s people can be multiple blessed. 

As always am looking forward to expanding my vocabulary and words by taking this to the nations around the world. With your help I can succeed.