I wanted to give a helping hand to the number of people who I have come across within the last few months. I never realize that many people was “Broken” and operating within their means to be stilled the sane person. When I started writing on this book, I started from a conversation with the Lord of Host and seeing myself throw around in the grave yard like a carton character in a comic book. I imagine myself actually going through this process but then I begin to actually understand the real reason why this was so important to write.

Broken is taking from a section out of my personal life. This book is base one a real life event that have occur in my personal life and in the lives of so many other people each and everyday. Am writing to men from a man point of view about the things that we are not sharing with others. I want to give all men away of letting go of their inner pain and hurt from situation that has gotten them into a placement that honestly cannot be explained.

So everyone please get yourself ready for a book that I completely will know is going to change your life forever. This book is base completely on the word of God and when you read it, I promise you it will change your life forever!

Now give me feedback and believe me people, people are ordering their copies now and it has not even hit the bookstores or online!

BROKEN! Coming Soon!