If you are like me, writing helps to easy your mind and thoughts, but sometime when you are writing you just don’t feel like checking the language of the text. How about when you are sending a text to a friend on the phone and you just hit send and your friend have no idea what you just sent them? Yes,  I know times seem to get the best of all of us.

Today lesson that I want to give to everyone is the power to think while reading the word of God. I found out that if I am thinking about what I am reading or writing that my mindset is able to take in more than just giving some simple thought to what is being written. In my study of the Word of God, I have come to learned that studying the word requires more than just writing a note here or there, but it requires thinking while writing, brainstorming ideas, and writing a note here or there. It also requires taking those special notes as you go throughout your Bible time.

The last time we came together, I introduce to you the book of Eph. 6:10 to give you an inside look into the Armour of the Lord. Today, I want to take you into the book of 2 Timothy 2:15 and help you find another area of studying that will increase your input in Christ. Let’s take a look at this scripture and understand the reading of this verse.

2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to show yourself approval unto the Lord. A worker that is not a shame but rightly breaking down the word of truth”.

I decided to put that into our terms instead of the King James Bible, but you get the point of you can read it from your Bible. Here’s the point needs to be made here; The first part of this verse tell us to define who we are in the section by taking the time to “Study to show yourself approval unto the Lord”. It does not tell us to show others approval or to point out someone else faults, but for us to study the word of God for ourselves. In studying the word there are two things that come to life within a person.

First, the power to study what is before us. That’s right what is before us is so important to our walk in the Lord. We must be true students of the word of God in order to be affective for the Kingdom of God. This means that we must be a real person taking the time to study the word daily. Secondly, the understanding of what studying is according to the Bible is the second most important point. If you do not understand what you are reading then how can it help you. Your understanding must be on point in order to help someone else understand the Bible. Both of these open doors where you become a spoke person for the Kingdom of God by your studying power. You do not have to be a speaker or a preacher to talk about the Kingdom of God.

I have met so many people who are lost in the thought that I am not a preacher so I cannot say anything about the word of God to anyone. This is the biggest lie that Satan has told since the beginning of the world. He doesn’t want you to tell anyone about the word of God or share your testimony with others. He wants everyone to remain silence and just read the Bible on Sunday or Wednesday night. While the other days are left to chance. That is not the case, we must be students of the word of God and we must be a person that takes time out to study the word. It is completely important that we get God approval in our studying and spending that time with the Lord every hour.

I make it my busy to take everything to the Lord at all times. When I am sinning, when I am not sinning, when I am studying and when I am just living an everyday life. Everything that I do is brought before the Living God and I continue put myself before his throne room for His approval in my life. Why should my studying be any difference in the way that I am giving my life to the Lord.

Come on everyone and let’s study the word of God like it’s our last moment on earth.

Author Kenneth R. Hare of PKM

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