Poetry Writing Is My Life


Featuring my book has been one of the most enjoyable moments of my life, but I am need of everyone to help me out in the buying process of this great book. I have a few more great books that will be out very soon and I believe that they are most needed for the growth of the people. With so much death in the world today we need a break from all the problems and destruction that is taking place in the today’s world. Let’s us come together and bring back the great times of reading love stories, talking about the greatness of falling in love again, and the overall power of becoming someone great with another person by our side.

This is why this book is so important and it is one of the reason why I wrote it in the first place. We must be winners within ourselves so that we can be winners in the face of our children. They are our next generation of leaders. Think about the love and care that it took for us to see who we truly are in a dying world and how that love made a difference in the life of every single person. Let us go back to those moments and relive our lives to be someone great in the face of the people we called home. You can get your copy of this book at http://www.bn.com for only $15.99 for softcover. Trust me it is a book that will take you back to those loving moments in time.

Thank you for taking the time to purchase this book and read my post!

Author Kenneth R. Hare

As a Poet Speaks!: The Illumination of My Heart!

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