The Dream!

On last night, I was carried away in a very hot dream where I saw many people standing still and looking ahead of themselves. I could not see what was going at the time, but I could feel the massive heat coming from ahead of the crowd. I remember sweating continuing until my very clothes were completely wet. 

As I move closer asking my Lord what was going on? I looked ahead and I saw massive amounts of building on fire. The cities were burning continuity without any assistance for help. I immediately tried to help save some of the people that were trapped inside the building. 

As I worked hard to save at least four families from this great fire, I became very intoxicate from the source that was causing the flames. Even my very skin started to melt and burn from the source of this problem. I became effective along with a half million other people. 

A chemical weapon was fired into the sky of a major city and panic broke out throughout the cities. Massive amounts of firemen died in this battle along with over half the population of that city. 

As I was praying with some and adolescent others over there loss, I heard a loud crying from within the cities. I rose up and looked to hear this sounds. I heard “Repent, Repent, Repent for I come quickly and so does My Son Jesus Christ!” 

As this kept sounding out, I heard from within my own spirit, “Arise up and forewarned My people that I am coming very soon. Arise Up My Sons and Daughters! Arise Up and Proclaimed My Word on the Rooftop to the Valley! Proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord and King! Again I heard, Arise!”

I woke up this morning completely wet from the heat and my ceiling fan seen to push the heat on my skin tightly. I arose and reached for my phone to see what time it was. It was exactly 11:00 pm the exact same time I saw in the dream. 

I immediately laid the phone down and it seems like that was for this purpose, because I was fast to sleep again. This time I was in another dream where I was standing on stage speaking about the Future of the World and the Word of God. I was with the world leaders and kingdom leaders telling them that Jesus Christ is coming back soon!

I woke up from both dreams and immediately contacted some family members and friends. Afterward, I gotten myself out the bed and of course am completely soaked from the heat. 

Lord Jesus Christ, I believe that you have given me these dreams as a sign for us and for me to arise and tell your people. I also believe that you are coming back sooner than expected and that these great things will occur very soon on the earth. 

Lord Jesus Christ, I hear and understand the need for people to repent and returned back to you. It’s my pray Lord that they earnestly return and repent of their sins. 

Lord Jesus, am asking for your divine understanding of things to come. I do not want to cause anyone to error in there way of coming or continue run from me. Help me to be what you have chosen me to be in Jesus name. 

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