Standing Before the Lord of Host

A few days ago I gotten a chance to Minister to a young man who is operate in a gang relate additives here in the Meridian area. While listening to this young man talk about the things that he was trying to do with his boys, he began to talk about his standing with the God that he was good in his standing. As he talked, he made the comment that he knew where he would spend the rest of his life at if he died while operating in the gang lifestyle. The young man informed me that he knew he would go to Hell but that he would not spend the rest of his life there as he thoughts. As this young man talked, I was moved deeply to inform him of something that would cause for his action to leave him in a place that is not prepared for him or his home boys as he called them. This is the conversation that actual took place between the young man and myself. For this purpose the young man name will be called, Phillip and my god – sister name will be Mary.

Mary whose son is now in jail for shooting another 15-year-old in the middle section of his young body. Mary was informing me of the 15 year old boy would live and that the charges against her son was stilled active toward him. Mary was also informing me about the number of death threats that her and her family has been getting over this matter for the last week. As she was informing of this matter the young man came walking down the street and stopped outside of her home and begin to talk. Phillip said that he was sorry for her son being in jail over this matter and that he had talked with his gang about not reacting to the matter, but to let each side cool down over this matter.

After Phillip finishes talking, Mary accept his forgiveness which lead into another conversation about some other gang shooting taking place in the area of Meridian. As they talked, I began to listen to the conversation concerning the number of young black boys who were taking on a war within themselves over the lost of a single lifestyle to make their names great. As the young man spoke, my heart went out to him and to Mary for the great amount of loss that they both found themselves in with no real reason to why.

Phillip continue to inform Mary of his placement in the Lord and that God knew his heart. He also inform Mary of the place where he would spend the rest of his life if he died while trying to gain honor through his death. As I sat there, I could not take it any longer and I stood up and begin to speak about the truth of dying with Christ Jesus in your life. I am sharing this information for the number of people who seems to think gang attractive is something awesome to be apart of and that it is okay to die for no reason and spend the rest of your life without Christ Jesus.

My words to Phillip;

Phillip, I would you to imgaine yourself standing before the Living God. Think about His power, his righteouness, his glory, his beauty and his life. As you have this in your mind, I want you to picture yourself hearing him talk to you. He is telling you that he had great and powerful things for you to do. He tells you that you could have been the best in the world for His glory to shine thrugh, but you took another road instead. Then picture yourself hearing these words; “Depart from Me, (The Lord Jesus Christ) I never knew you. For you are workers of Sin and you cannot come where I am at. You hear these words and you just saw him in his full power. You are then pickup and thrown into the Lake of Fire which is the second death”.

Phillip and everyone who doesn’t know the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior, What do you do?


Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Lord Jesus, I tell you that I am a sinner and that I am completely lost without you in my life. Come into my life and save me at this moment. I believe in my heart that Jesus was raise from the death and that I will be with Him when he comes back. I accept him now into my life.


Please contact me and let me know you accept him.



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