Prophet – Why Me, Lord? 

Have you ever asked the Lord about the assignments that’s on your life. Maybe you found yourself questioning who you are in this world or maybe you’re thinking He can’t be talking about me? Whatever your question is about in this life, I wanted to write a small review of my life questions to maybe help you.

In 1968, I was five years old and not fully understanding who I am as a child in a black America family. Growing up in a fairly good home where I had both parents and siblings that helped to make me be the man I am today. 

Trying to understand who I was in a time when black America truly didn’t know whom they were in these times. Since I didn’t realize who I was then there was no way for me to realize that I was chosen for greatness for the Kingdom. 

At the age of five I had my first opened vision from the Lord of Host. In this vision I was given a rod that looked like a candlelight and as I stood there I saw such great pain coming from the people. I was back home standing in the living room looking at my mother and father. 

At the age of seven, I was visited again by the Lord of Host, but this time I saw Him in a dream. In the dream I was taken up by the spirit of the Lord to see many great things to come to pass soon. Again I return and told my parents and siblings of the things to come soon on the earth. 

At the age of twelve years old, I was given two powerful message that require for me to enter into a vision type dream at the same time. In this first part I was inside of a divine dream that took me eight years into the future of my life. The second half took me into the very throne room of the Lord and I was placed in a class room sitting where I began to be taught the word of God. This went on for the next 30 years of my life. 

Twelve years old, I did not take this to my parents or my siblings, but I remained as I was. Trying to understand what was happening to my life. I decided that it was best to remain silent instead of sharing the information I knew. 

Of course at the age of twelve who would believe you any way. At the age of fifteen or sixteen years old am not sure which age. I began to have multiple encounter with the Spirit of the Lord and I was always within school with the Angels and the Lord. 

Not fully understanding what was going on in my life, I started being used by the Lord. I started experiencing the fullest extent of the Lord until my dad die in a house fire in 1982. Since I truly didn’t know who I was or what was on me, I left the school of the Lord and in real life. 

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