The Heaviness of the Holy Spirit

On yesterday while at service with the labors of New Vision House of Faith, the Spirit of the Lord began to move greatly in the place. As the worship service went to another level the power of the Holy One came into the building. The weight of the Spirit was so heavy that it actually sat on the people including myself. I experience another level in the Lord that I had never experience before in my life.

The movement of the Spirit was so awesome that it completely knock me on the floor and sat upon my very back. I experience the power of the Lord as it seems like fire were actually going through my very body. Every part of my body was completely shaking by this great power in my life. The power of the Holy Spirit was so important that it open new doors of understanding and moved greatly on the heart of His people. I heard in the Spirit that the great burden was on the Lord Jesus Christ. I kept on hearing this a number of times over and over again within my spirit.

As the Lord continue to speak to me, I begin to hear the words, “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at Hand”. Another great announcement was ring in my spirit as I lay out before the Lord. “The Burden is on the Lord”, this kept speaking to me and letting me know that all my troubles were upon the Lord Jesus Christ. He said, “Come unto me all that heavy and I will give you rest. The burden that you are carrying and be place on the Lord and He will give you His that is light to carried.

People we must repent of our sins and acknowledge that Jesus is Lord and that He is coming back for His people that calls on His name.

Repent for the Kingdom of God is at Hand!

Again I say, Repent!


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