Prophecies From 2016 – 2017 That’s Coming To Pass Soon!

These are prophecies that the Lord has given me from 2016 that is coming soon and 2017! 

July 8, 2017

For the last few morning I woke up with sounds from around the world. The cries of thousands egos from distance shores. The longing to be help has penetrate the very ears of the believers. Silence moments have enter into the room as soft voices are heard so clearly. Help me please! Ring so loud in my ears as moments of tears feel my eyes. Am touch by the broken heart and moved by the simple things of life. As I layout before my Lord Jesus, I stop to take time to give Him every moment. 

Praying to my Lord as tears run down my face and my throat become full. My mind becomes full of thoughts as thousands of voices rush my mind at once. 

Listening as the Holy Spirit speaks back to me. I hear words that such comfort the situation, but in the same moment He is speaking I hear in distance, “Is anyone going to help me?” 

Shots are fired, loud noises are heard as tears fall. Within one moment silence enter the room. Listening and waiting for the rest from the Holy Spirit. 

Within the silence I hear the sound of major pain, suffering, yelling, and cries from Hell as the ego around the world. Loud screams from falling Angels as they have taken thousands with them to Hell. 

Trying to rise up from the bed in hopes that it’s just another dream only to realize that it is real. 

Shaking by the thoughts that have been taken from the beginning of times. 

As I look out of my windows to see the world population, I see destruction of property, homes broken into, massive amounts of robbery and kidnapping, killing more than lives but the heart of the people. Massive amounts of car bombs, airplanes crashes into more buildings, bombs dropped from the skies above as tanks and troops moved inland. 

I see the United States separate in two by a massive force that will cause million to die at once. 

I see the rise of the Northern Kingdom overthrow the United States and war will breakout within this land. 

Life as we know it will change within a seconds! Again I looked out of my windows and I saw the economy system failed. Money had no value! The lives of many will be loss in a matter of hours!

In the silence I waited with tears running down my face. I cry out to my Lord, “When shall these things be? He answers and says, ‘They have already begun and will soon be upon the hearts of the people.’ I stood still for a few seconds, and afterward I ask my Lord what can I do? He answered, ‘I have set you in place to be My Voice as a Prophet unto the Nation. As you continue to submit yourself to My Authorities I will operate in you greatly. Continue to forewarned My people of the coming Judgment. Continue to pray for the ones who doesn’t know Me and continue to inform Facebook, Twitter, and all social networks that I AM that I AM is coming soon! Continue to tell the people to Repent for My Kingdom is at Hand!” 

Once these words finish, I was back to myself and hearing the sounds of this world. 

Each morning or throughout the day, when someone is posting about true prophecy let’s not take it likely. 

For the Lord has revealed more than what am releasing here! 

July 7, 2017

I have two powerful message this morning!

First, I heard a massive crying in the U. S. with massive job loss within the next few months. 

Secondly, I heard a massive amount of people crying out over the loss of income, family members and friends, and salvation in the Lord. The death toll climbed to an all time high! 

Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand!
March 23, 2017

While I was praying I saw the heavens open above my bed. I looked up and saw millions upon millions flying in the air toward the Lord. 
As I went up, I looked out over the entire earth and I saw billions on top of billions crying out to be saved.

I looked again and I saw fire fall from the sky and everyone ran for cover! But even the cover burn as well as the waters all over the earth!

I cry out for the Lord to save them all, but He said, “They made their choice to forget about Me. They didn’t believe I was coming back! They continue to go about their own business without Me!” 

I lower my head and cried even more for your sins and for you to repent and accept Jesus Christ into your life!

Repent today!!

 Greetings FBF! March 12,2017

I was awakened by the voice of the Lord that said, “Hey the Lord is talking to you!” 
You so many times we get tied down in our surroundings of things taking place that we forget about the Lord. We knows he’s there but we don’t acknowledge him in everything because we’re so busy trying to work things out on our own. 

I know first hand about this one! I have a situation where am truly seeking opportunities to advance. It seems like everything that am doing has the best of me. I’m crying out in prayer. Confessing my faults to close friends, and am I even trouble over the matter. 

I have learned to be honest with myself and others rather than clothes myself up in some other outfits to make myself holy. 

The truth of the matter is that the Lord is listening and talking to us. So if you find yourself like me, then am encouraging you to stop what you’re doing and listen. 

Trust me, you’re be better off obeying the Lord instead of trying to fixed you’re situation.

Have a blessed day!

January 4, 2017

A Divine Prophecy for 2017!
It’s the 4th day of the new year! 
Fourth means truth and season!
There is a spiritual breakthrough that taking place in the spiritual leader!
There is an out pouring rain coming on the hearts of the people who are under the influence of their spiritual leaders and another level of respect will be given!
The warmth of Favor is moving on the children of obedience!
I seen a sowing taken place in the morning time during early morning prayer!
Seeds were sown into good ground products an harvest of fast return!
The farmers were overtaken by the gathers!
I’ve seen multiple accounts opening, business leaders sharing wisdom and knowledge, and a large harvest coming in by the truck loads!
I’ve seen the next six months of breakthrough and destruction take place within America.
Repent and seek the Lord!
September 2,2016 Coming Storms 

Good Morning FBF’S!

Prophetic Warning from Prophet Kenneth Hare!

I have been in a major prayer time on last night. For I have seen great and powerful things to come on this earth very soon. 

I have not close my eyes since yesterday morning. The spirit of the Lord is upon me to write out the things I have seen coming soon on this earth. 

For I have written it in a book and it too will be given out as well. For behold, I have seen four great birds flying in the air of many colors. 

Many nations will rise up soon and many more destructive forces will come forward within a few years. 

Seek Christ with your whole heart and run to Him. I come not to scare anyone but to warn you of the coming days ahead. 

Prepare yourself for a great storm is approaching and it will bring a great destruction with it. I saw tall waves of water as far as inland of the Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Los Angeles, Dallas, and up the cost lines were covered with great amount of water. I saw tornadoes and hurricane intensity coming out of the waters. 

Seek cover immediately! For great is the storms that are coming! 

Please take this as a warning and not as a simple message!

From the Office of PKM!

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