Relationships with Jesus Christ 

For the last five years the Lord has took me to a new placement in the relationship that I have with Him. In the first two years of this transformation, I dealt with the loss of my wife and mother’s deaths. As I was learning how to transfer my emotions from a devastating blow that took my life apart. I begin to experience what it means to actually have a real relationship with a loving Lord.

For the last two years of my life, the relationship was taken to another level by teaching me how to depend on him rather than myself. I’m listening and learning how to shape my whole entire life completely around His love and support for where I am at in my life. 

I’m learning how to be blessed by the his teaching of what a relationship is supposed to be in my life. I’m learning that even as a man how I must become the bride of Jesus Christ. For he is coming back for his bride and that we will get married on the day that His Father has prepared.

It’s so important for me to learned the process of a real relationship from the Lord Jesus Christ. If I can’t date him, then how can I date you or myself?

I’m learning of the most important lesson in my life. My relationship with Jesus Christ!



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