Praying for Position 

On August 25, 2017, I loss my job of four months at Dillards local here in the Meridian area. When I was invited by my supervisor to come to the office I had no idea what was about to happen. Specially since I was the number one sales person in the men’s department over the last week. But learning that my sales only accounted for those days took me by surprise. 

As I sat there thinking about what has just happened, I began to point out reason why I could have been written up instead of losing my job. I brought up days I missed for my back surgery, out for my hands swelling beyond the point of writing, and for missing days that I didn’t know I was scheduled to work. All that could have counted towards a writer up and not a termination. 

Again trying to reason with them and hearing it’s based on your sales. There’s nothing we can do and then hearing the praise report that you’re a great worker, never gotten any complaints about you, you’re a great role model, and if you would not had this pre-conditions you would have been an awesome worker. 

What do you do when each step you take sends you one year in the backwards walking? 

I wanted to give my personal testimony concerning the last four jobs within a one year time frame. I was working at Walmart for 12 years and many times I prayed for a new position within the company and outside of the company working where I can be appreciative for my skills and abilities to work towards success. I loss that job on July 1st of 2016 and 25 days later I was working in Birmingham, Alabama for four months. I was later taken off that job due to health reasons and over the next eight months I endure some of the worsening situation in working and health wise. 

I have checked myself and reason on the word why now? My bills are extremely difficult to handle with such a low income and no saving account to fall back on. No extra resources to offset the cost of things. The only thing that I have is my faith in the Lord. 

I have given also reports of encouragement words in the lives of others. I have spoken of salvation to hearts of many and forewarned thousands of the coming destruction that coming soon. I told about the fall of the economy system within the coming years and I continue to stand as a true spokesman for Christ Jesus. 

But yet here I am again without a job to take care of my needs and pay all my bills each month. I have sold myself by sharing my skills and becoming teachable in the face of adversity and man. I have push my mind to the point of view where am questioning my position in Christ Jesus. 

It makes no sense to continue to be thrown out to the dogs and cats for food. It makes no sense for me to be placed in a area of extremely needs when I could be helping others to see Christ and have Him in their lives, but am face with these things. 

My heart desires and compassionate though is to serve Jesus and make a living doing what I love the most. This is the most important message to me in all the world. To stand up and proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world. To foretell the coming of Jesus and to teach men and women the truth forever. 

Now if I can find a job where I can get paid a nice amount per month and speak about Jesus to everyone then I would do this within a second notice. I would need to bring home per month $4000.00 after taxes and be able to travel the world speaking about Jesus Christ to everyone. 

No one can put a price tag on talking about Jesus, but I need to have a income to support my costs. 

So, am asking for all prayer warriors and career seekers to come and seriously pray with me for a financial breakthrough and for the move of Jesus Christ in my life like never before. Am not seeking the normal answers nor the normal fasting, but serious mindsets that know how to get inside the very throne room of the Lord Jesus Christ and received an answer back through the Holy Spirit. 

Let us pray together! 


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