Pushing Purpose!

I truly enjoy standing on stage speaking and teaching about my number one person in my life. 

When I think about the future of being with Him, am often put in a situation where am completely dependent on Him.

Like for instance, on yesterday I was in the hospital for treatment to my back. As the nurses, doctors and my doctor enter the room to find out what was taken so long to prepare me for surgery. 

My doctor walked into the room and Mark my back. She noticed the number of times that I’ve been stuck by needles and the amount of pain that I was in. But what she did not notice was the inside working of Christ in my life. 

As I sat there taking the pain, the consistent needle in and out of my hand. The turning of one way to another way while trying to find my veins. The awkward pain that rise my blood pressure and that cause for me to kick the nurse between the legs.

As I thought of this aching pain and suffering, I immediately thought of Jesus and the overall sufferings He endured. My heart went out to His suffering and the moment of His own experience of pain. 

I couldn’t focus on the other doctors Commuication nor on my friend who was in the room with me, but I did focus on Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Trusting in Him completely, I reached for Him and held on to His words and power. I knew if I trust and stayed with Him that together we would get through it together. 

We did and forever will I trust Him and talk about the Future together. My passion is to always share Jesus and to always be prepared to leave. If I had my way, I would spend the rest of my life in the arms of Jesus!

This is my purpose for being on this earth. Am here to lead as many people whoso desire to my Lord Jesus. It’s my pleasure to talk about Him, to share the word, to be the only person standing up for Christ and to live an upright life before Him and mankind. 


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