Today I was taking back to the hospital for treatment to my lower back.

While they were preparing me for surgery, I immediately thought of Jesus and the cross.

As the nurse search for the gold that wasn’t in my right hand and pulling the needle in and out of my right hand. I immediately thought of Jesus as the soldiers took the rusty nail and position it on the center of my Jesus right hand.

As I thought about my Lord, the nurse switch to my left hand and started the process all over again.

Again thinking about Jesus and fixing my mind again on Him.

I thought how the men kept on trying to get the right spot and driving that nail into his hands.

I imagine the pain that rushes from the very point of the sharpest needle that tap into my very own skin and through the my veins. Thinking about Jesus as He face the breaking of bones and crashes of blood flow that once came through His hands.

As I focus on these things, the Holy Spirit informed me of these words in my heart, ” Kenneth, I got you!”

Knowing this, I lay back in bed and noticed the very clothing of my Lord holding me in His own hands. As I lay in his hands, I put my finger tips into the very hold in his hands.

I woke up singing Jamie Grace song, “White Boots” and seeing myself standing on stage with the two sisters coming to help me sing her song before I started preaching the Word. Afterwards, I was waking up hearing about it from the people in the room.

PKM – Looking at God getting him ready for the nations.

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