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Eph. 6:10 – 17 The Armor of God taught by Prophet and Teacher Kenneth R. Hare

Welcome Everyone to an awesome time in the Word of God!

Ephesians 6:10 – 11 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the armour of God, that you maybe able to stand against the wiles of the devil”.

Let’s start by first breaking  the word “Finally” down. It is a adverb form used in the existing of a major military offensive against its bullying parties. It significantly deals with a long period of time; typically involving difficult or delay; the last series in a related events; and used to introduce a final agreement or point or reason.

Paul, clearly identified the importance of this word by pointing out the most important part of this chapter. Once this is identified by the reader, the rest of the chapter addressed the character of the person.

He turns to another focus point within this same measurement of understanding. He addressed the brethren that have served well in the gospel. He reassured each person that once they have faithfully put on the strongest part of the Lord, that they are now able to handle the full armour of God.

But they had to be strong in the Lord, meaning understanding the word of God, learning the scriptures and applying them to your life. Also understanding that the power is not yours but the Lord. Even the whole armour belongs to the Lord.

Its every important to gather this information correctly before you begin to describe the working of the armour within your life.

The words, “Put On” gives a clear picture that we are putting on this gear to do battle. After carefully looking and seeking the Lord, I come to find out that we not putting on this gear. We are not worth to even touch the very gear from the Lord. Instead Paul actually describe the same type of gear that is used by the Roman Army and related it to what Christ is giving us.

I also come to find out that it requires for us to truly seek the Lord and the working power of the Holy Spirit within our lives. Putting on this armour is a Holy process that will bring you before the Lord.

When you enter into this section of your life, you’re not just speaking simple words but words of power. We are putting on the whole armor of God’s protection in battle against terrorism in the spiritual realm.

We are in a spiritual war that takes no prisoners or wounded soldiers to their camp for questioning. The enemy already knows what makes you tick and what brings you to your knees. The problem doesn’t come from that point but from our point of understanding who we are without the armor on.

That’s why the battle is so powerful in our lives. The enemy is after your mind to succeed in the battle that is already won. The enemy attacks weapons is to get you off guard by not letting you focus on your armor.

He’s commander chief and executive officer of mind war to keep you off balance in the battle. The task force is designed to fight against your plans of winning the battle against your own mind.

So as a man thinks in his own heart, so is he. It’s your mindsets that will prepare your victory and help you put on the armor of God.

If you enjoy this small look into the Armor of God, then I would love to hear from you. Also joined my blog posts and prayer request to help aid in your life.

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Thank you for supporting my blogs and I look forward to entering into this study as we truly break open the possibility of the word of God.

Until then!

Prophet & Teacher

Kenneth R. Hare

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