A Prophetic Word

On last night I was praying for the nation and the outcome of the people concerning Americans. As I continue to pray I began to hear horses riding hard. Throughout the night while I was asleep the very sounds of many horses were coming from within my house.

As the early hours of morning came I began to once again hear the horses. This woke me up and looked on the side of my bed to see where my dog was at, of course she was layout sleep. Immediately I lay back down thinking to myself that I must be only dreaming.

Within a few minutes the very sound became extremely loud within my house. I quickly arose from my bed and I immediately walked through my house praying to the Lord Jesus.

Afterwards, I left each room I enter into the kitchen to get some cold water. After getting my water I went back to my bedroom and I notice a very bright light within my living room.

I immediately investigated the light because it wasn’t there before. As I approach the light I heard the horses more clearer than before. Within a matter of seconds I was within the open vision.

I saw that I was standing in an open field and many horses was running towards me. There were a jet black horse that lead the others and a brown reddish color that came on the side with the others that had a white spot in the middle of his head.

I reached out and touch the horse and as I put my hands on his head within the white spot I was immediately taken into the future of things to come on the entire world.

As I stood there I saw President Trump standing up to give a speech. Within a matter of minutes he was removed from the stage by his officers of the government parties. I saw the news media reported that a temp was taken on President Trump life.

I then saw a bright light that lightly up the sky and I saw million of people go blind within a matter of seconds. A large number of radio stations, television stations, and every type of communication was down for hours. I saw a massive destruction take place like I have never seen in my life. I saw Gaints coming from the Northern Countries with great power to wage war against United States. 

I looked again out in the field where the horses were and I saw four men riding on toward me. The horses were beautiful to look upon but I couldn’t see the men’s faces who rode on them.

The horses were very big in size and as they gotten close to me one of men began to speak. He said,”Why are you not doing the will of the Lord? For you must tell the people of the coming destruction that is soon to come. If I was you, I would tell them soon”. As he sat on the horse, I said but am trying my best to get the word out to the people. He said, “The Lord loves you so much and He has great things for you, but you must tell His people”. His horse was a red dark looking color and he turned and rode away crying out, “Tell them it’s soon!” As he continues to ride I couldn’t hear him or see him.

The one that sat on a beautiful jet black horse informed me of things to come. He pointed toward the skies and I saw huge bombs falling from the skies. He pointed to the cities and counties, I saw massive amounts of destruction taking place around the world. Again I saw the Gaints coming in from the Northern Countries and many things took place within entire earth. Again he pointed to the land and crops stop bringing forth harvest. I saw many people go without food and medicine to healed their bodies. He spoke to me and said, “The Lord loves you so much and He has greatness place on your life. Soon these things will take place. I must go for you have been given a warning concerning the coming wars on the earth”.

He rode off not speaking again to me. The other two horseman sat on their horses and then the whitest grayish looking horse move toward me. Not saying much to me accept these words, “Tell them time is near!”

I walked over to the one that sat on this very beautiful white horse, I reached my hand out to touch the horse and I was blocked by the brown and white horse that I had my hands on. The one on the white horse said not a word. He almost looked like he wasn’t even on the horse. I couldn’t look into any of their faces but I knew I was in a great place.

Afterwards, I was back in my living room of my house. I was still standing in the same spot but my outlook was totally different. I went immediately to the bathroom and looked in the mirror at myself. Putting water on my face, I went to exist and head back to bed.

As I noticed as I was leaving the bathroom, my hair was much whiter than before. I immediately went to bed praying and took hold of my Bible. Numbers 23rd and 24th chapters were where I went back to studying.

Again within a matter of seconds I was taken back into the word of the Lord. This time, I stood before the Lord and saw His glory filled the whole house where I live. The horses and the Angels are messages from the Lord concerning end times.

Its time to repent and turned back to the Lord Jesus Christ! No more playing games!



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