Mentoring Your Child’s Future!

Mentoring is something that you truly don’t see these days. Instead you witnessed death, stealing, robbery, broken relationship, brokenness in homes and on the jobs, and you see no one standing up for Christ Jesus in today’s world. One of the greatest challenges of today is searching for that person who are a real mentor.

Mentoring is a must need responsibility that doesn’t comes because it sounds good or its an outlook thing to do. Instead a real relationship between the person In need verse the desire of the need is what must be met. Your Child’s Future development doesn’t start in the streets or on television, but it starts in the home.

It starts with eight key words that very important for the growth of your child’s purpose on and in this earth.

1. Understanding who the child is – if you don’t know who your child is then why are you getting upset when the streets are labeling your own child.

2. Honor of thoughts – if you are not investigating their thoughts, then you are sending a message that you don’t care whom they become. It’s important for you to know who you’re child is in this life. If you are not shaping their future development then you are destroying their thoughts of tomorrow.

3. Stability is a must – it is so important that you develop within your child the power to develop everything that is within their hearts. If cannot hug your child somebody else will and everyone is not using the correct ways of fellowship with your child.

4. Trust is most important – you must built trust in your child without building a friendships relationship that is on first name rather than mother or daddy relationship. You’re trust is not to let down your hair and makeup to become so relaxed that you are not the parents any longer but you have become just another person who they meet everyday.

5. Specialist in the heart of the child – most parents are so busy trying to live their lives through the eyes of the child that they forget about the child’s life. Spend time knowing him or her before you forget about their futures.

6. Spend time studying with them – a child doesn’t desires games and computers but time that you are spending with him or her. Take him or her to the library. Open a book up with them and teach them how to look up words in the library. Check out books to read at home together and listen to them read to you. Spend time with them by turning off the television, radio, unplugging the laptop, games, computers, and any other things that separates you from them.

7. Spend time in the Bible together – a child desires to know the Bible just like all other books. This should not be a book that is only read on Sunday morning. This should be a everyday process with prayer and understanding. Teach them how to prayer with you and then listen to them pray beyond the simple things in life. Teach them how to build a relationship with Jesus Christ without seeking anything in their life. And please don’t dressed them up in clothes that you think are holy, but let the Lord lead them in that way including yourself.

8. Love – I wanted this to be last because until you understand the first, then you cannot be able to give the rest. In order to love, you must be in love and have it in your life. You cannot fully love another person until you have become broken in your heart. This is the only way to fully love your child as yourself. This applies to the Bible, how can you love the Love your God with all your heart whom you have not seen at anytime? And cannot love your fellow brothers or your child that you see everyday? You see the number out of all of these is LOVE.

L – Learning to love regardless

O – Obedience far better than this world

V – Visting the heart of your child

E – Building an Everlasting Friendships

Mentoring is all these and more. If you need me to help develop this with your family, then by all means let’s connect!

Kenneth R. Here Ministries, Inc.




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