When You Realize You Have Sin

There is a scripture in the Bible that says, “When you have realize that you have sin repent then!” It’s important that we obey what the word of God’s says and we must obey it to the letter.

I was approached by a very dear friend of mine that I have done something that was wrong toward others. When he informed me of this situation I didn’t remember or realize that I have done something wrong. He said am going to pray that God revealed this to you. Well, he prayed and I prayed also on this matter as well. What happened is the Lord aloud me to go back into my past and experience the situation as they were and not just experience but hear the words. This troubled me greatly because now I know that I had sin.

Now I know you maybe thinking isn’t that under the blood of Jesus Christ? You would be correct. It is under the blood of Jesus Christ, but the enemy also knows that I have not repented of the sin or matter at hand. I believe that the Lord has taken me back for the purpose of moving forward without something coming up or holding me in the moment of failure on my part.

I took time out to truly search my heart because I do not want to destroy any part of my relationship with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I wanted to be able to be free and minister without someone judging my past action base on the sins that has come up before the Lord. So my purpose is to seek forgiveness from everyone that I had offended while walking in this life. Since I am aware of the sin, I must repent with a pure heart and mind toward each person whom I offended.

This is why forgiveness is so important to the Lord and the people. True forgiveness doesn’t start outside the person but it starts within the heart of the person. In order for me to be a Prophet for the Nation, I must be able to fully understand where I am at with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

It’s so important that you develop a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ rather than just having a fellowship during a meeting of the minds. A true relationship between two people deals with past issues, problems, frustration, misunderstanding, loneliness, feelings and emotions outbursts that comes from both sides. It deals with getting to know the other person heart and mind. The same applies to knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. You cannot have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ without knowing his words and phrases. You cannot afford to walk around on a few scripture and think you are having a real relationship with Jesus Christ. It doesn’t work that way. The relationship is between the two of you and this mean facing your past with his help and addressing any situation that comes up and dealing with the outcome the correct way. True relationship cost something than simply saying I love you. It’s learning what makes you think. It’s learning how to actually communicate to the other person without truly understanding who you are as a person.

Relationship is not a moment in time, but the very acts of forgiveness that is place within the heart of a person. Jesus Christ have forgiving me not because I am a sinner only, but because I am willing to have a relationship with him that I truly never had before. My late wife was the love of my life. I love her beyond measure and I love her with a pure heart and mind toward her thoughts. But the way that I love her was through the way that I love the Lord Jesus Christ and the way he loves me. My love could not be any different than what I have for him.

It’s the same for today, my love is so real that people are scary to understand who I am as a lover. Ladies rather walk away, men rather stand at a distance and look, but true love requires more than a normal life. Its because people are so used to putting Jesus Christ in their special place instead of accepting him as he is. A loving Lord that truly understand who you are in this life. I am forgiving because I made a choice to face my wrong doing on this side of the earth so I can spend the rest of my life with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

It’s my prayer that each person who reads this finds hope and true forgiveness in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.



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