The Child Within

When I was a child, it was so hard for me to understand simple words. I would spend hours studying and reading books to gain the information that were neede.I struggle to understand simple words and there meaning as well as breaking them down into sentence for my understanding and the teachers. So I found myself in place where my mind could not understand what I was reading. The process took time but as a child I wasn’t interested in time. I wanted a now results.

The problem became such a heartache filled I refuse to learned the words itself. I knew in my heart and mind that I could write but bringing that out of my mind would require some much needed work. My daddy believe in me and he took it upon himself to teach me how to study. My mother also taught me how to remember every words in a book. My siblings talk me to to dig into the knowledge ofthe words.

Each person taught me how to study and understand the words that were speaking back to me the whole time. As I learned this valuable resource for my life, I begin to express to them my desires to be a successful writer. Of course this didn’t go over well especially since I couldn’t spell or write a complete sentence.

So I struggle each day and one day my dad brought me a book and he said learned this valuable information about this book. He said, “You must know every word, meaning, page number, and bbe able to break down every words in life. I took the book and I look at it just thinking it would be something else, but to my amazement it was what he saw I needed. He gave me the Webst3Dictionary. I told him I will learned it and I did before he died in a house fire back in 80’s. I honor my father and mother for pushing into studying beyond where I am in my life”.

Am encouraging everyone to purchase my new books and this book as well. I know that each book will be a true blessings in the lives of someone else. Let’s support one another!

Author Kenneth R Hare

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