The Four Weapons of War!

In the book of Eph. 6:10 – 12, gives us detail into the weapons of our warfare that we must stand against in fighting the enemies of our warfare. In order for us to fully gain insight into our lives, we must understand how the enemy knows our lives to the fullness.

As I was praying one day about this very subject, I enter into prayer to asked the Lord a lists of questions that would be most helpful to others and myself. As I begin to ask these questions, I was given a look into the very heart of the enemy as he would be given the assignment of a person. Since I was the person asking the questions, the Lord allowed me to understand the very attacks that was taking place within my life.

My first question was, “Why I am under attack?” I have addressed this very question on and other areas to help aid others in their struggles for being attack. I wanted to not just ask for myself, but help others to understand the reason for why these attacks continue to come every second of the day. The results of the answer is what truly pulled me into a deeper study into the word of God.

While I was studying Eph. the sixth chapter my second question came out of the needs to know why we must do one powerful thing in this section after we have put on the our gear for battle. “Why must we stand with our gear on for battle and never fight?” This is an easy question to asked, but hard to explain in great detail. One of the biggest problem in fighting an enemy is standing in the face of him and you cannot fight him back.

This brings me back to my study section with the Lord and learning the four major areas that will help me as well as you win your next battle. The four weapons are needed for our will in standing in the midst of a great battle.

  1. The Political Standing of your area of attack – this is area is so important because the enemy has study you from the beginning of your birth. The very moment that you were born, he was assigned to your life. His mission is to teach how to accept the death condition of sin that is already within your life. He purpose is to keep you blind to the point of salvation and that Jesus is alive in will. The moment that you accepted this knowledge is the moment that you have become the number one target on the enemies hit list. Your life is wrapped around the amount of knowledge that you continue to share with him. The scriptures say, “From the heart the mouth speaks!” It is what you are releasing that is distorting your destiny not the actual demon that is assigned to your life. It’s your words that are bringing the main attacks. Remember he cannot do anything until you release the words from your heart through your mouth.
  2. The Thought Process from your area – The enemy knows your surrounding and what you are into within your life. When you accept Christ into your life, your life must change for the better and not remained the same way. You must take a stand on your condition of your heart.
  3. Your Operation Stand Point  – know your placement and how to overcome the areas that you are operating within. You must know where you stand as a believer in the power of the Lord. Studying your Word is one of the must important weapons in this battle. Spending time in the Word and Prayer is your second most important weapon. If you don’t know the word, then how will you talk to the Lord and defeat the enemies of darkness?
  4. Know your tactical – again knowing your word, studying, thinking on the word of God, spending time with the Lord, talking to the Holy Spirit, and listening are all important tactical against the enemy. This is very important because your number attack is Standing in the Face of the Enemies and watching the Lord Win your battle, but He can only win when you know the word of God. 


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