A Prophet’s Word!

Jesus said in the word of God that we are not to look to the south or to the north for his return. We are not to run to anyone who comes up and say that I am the Christ. We are not to run after other gods or worship man in place of Him. We are not to do any of these things but we are to worship and respect the called that is on his life.

With all that being said and done. We as a nation are completely the difference of what He actually told us today. Instead we are living as if we will be here for the next few years or so to live out our dreams and build big houses to stay here forever. As a born again believer, it is our job to actually live a life that will please the Lord. Even in the face of our friends and family members.

Now I know that this life is not what everyone is doing these days and this maybe a total different lifestyle than what can be done in our lives. But when we truly think about our lives, what is our life truly about? Are we living to please the Lord or ourselves? What about our desires, are we truly living to please our desires for the Kingdom of God?

You see question like these can be answer at PKM by taking the time out to truly seek what you want from the Lord rather than what others think you need. PKM is not your normal type of Ministry, but it is Kingdom Purpose. This means that it is not design around your normal type of Church setting or your normal kind of message that fills your ears on a Sunday morning. It is not a place where your clothing has a powerful course to run or if you do not have an education. But it is for everyone who truly needs a relationship from the Lord. This is what Ministry is about and it is not about your Pastor name or to Church Building you have at your side.

The bottom line is this, Can your life style or the things you are doing take you to Heaven? Can the Church that you go to every week give you the keys to the Kingdom of God? Can you your pastor or your apostle give you the information that you need for your personal growth and still bring you into the Kingdom of God? Can you your studying or not studying the word of God bring you into the face of God the Father?

If your answer to any of these question is no, then you need to contact me and let’s talk about your next step in Christ. Am not looking for your placement into PKM, but your placement in the body of Christ Jesus.  All you have to do is repent of your sins, accept Jesus Christ into your life, and start walking and living for the Lord. Then ask the Lord to lead you to a true Bible Teaching place of Worship and continue to live and operate according to the Will of the Lord.




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