Building Kingdom Store House

In the book of Malachi 3:10, 11, and 12 verse are some very powerful words that I believe are very important to our walk toward the Kingdom of God. The position of these things are going to take place here on earth and in our lives. Let’s break down the words in these scriptures that I believe will help you success in your life.

Malachi 3:10a “Bring all the Tithes into the Store-House”. Just in this part of the verse offers us a different look into what is being brought to the house of the Lord. Most Pastors who stands up in speak on these words, comes with a powerful focus on the word, “Tithes” instead of the other hidden secrets behind this powerful verse. The tithes are very important just like the offering is, but the hidden part is the found in the word “Store-House”.

In the Old Testament times when the people brought their tithes and offering to the storehouse, it was in a place where the Spirit of the Lord chose to be. Once the place became to far to bring their cattles or other items, the people was permitted to sales those items and then bring the money from those items to the storehouse. For today times, we seem to think the only source that must come into the storehouse must be in the form of money and nothing else. This is not a correct manner and many people hid it behind the scriptures or say that does not apply for this time, but the truth of the matter is that our tithes and offering is a commandement from the Lord and building a storehouse is a must need item in the body of Christ.

I have often wonder how we can take half of the scriptures and apply it to our lives and then leave the other half out because it doen’t operate with our finding. Building Churches or building where we meet to bring out items to the Lord is always missing some of the main items to make it whole. We must built storehouses so that our windows can be open within our house. The heart of Tithes, means that God owns everything (Exd. 19:5; Psa.24:1; Psa. 50:10-12; and Hag. 2:8). In the life of every person on this earth belongs to the Lord. The very breathe we take in is the Lord’s. Our time, talents, and our gifts all belong to the Lord’s (Gen. 1:26,27; Acts 17:28; Job 1:21; John 3:27; 1 Cor. 4:7).

In verses 11 and 12 of Malachi offers two powerful items that help us make the move into a new area within the Lord. In verse 11 brings out the power of where the Lord will stand in our lives and He will rebuke the enemy for us. That is powerful all by itself and the fact that we are doing what He requires in our lives. In verse 12 He does something else that is very powerful in our lives. He makes our name known to the nations. This means that when you read this information and learned about this website, the Lord is making my name great in the nations. Because of Him, He is rebuking the enemies, making my name great while I am building Him a storehouse for the purpose of His Kingdom.

When we honor the porcess of the Kingdom of God, then we will honor the Lord in everything that we are doing. I am honor Him because I am building a place where His Storehouse can be built and continue the work of the Ministry through the concise of understanding the needs for our placement within Him. It is always a great to fully understand where we stand in the Lord. It is my prayer that each blog that I am writing will be a blessing into each person life who reads them. Please give me some feedback and let me know how much you are enjoying them sections as well as everything else on the site.

Prophet Kenneth Hare,


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