Around The World Within Seconds!


When we think about time, we sometimes don’t think about the actually second  it take. We tend to look at the amount of time instead of the actually second in that time. For example 60 second equals a full minute, and one hour equals 60 minutes. Now let’s take a look at time and how long it actually take us to design a website, edited the content, and then post it online for everyone to view for the first time in his or her lives. The overall rush pushes itself into the very mind of the person and causes him or her to become so excited about the results that it’s a mind blowing event. 

The purpose of this site can be found in three essential parts that will cause for a greater understanding of the mission of the Ministry itself. First the actual starting of this Ministry was formed in 2006 out of our two bedroom apartment house that we were renting at the time. We wanted to give back to others the actual working power of Christ Jesus in our lives. My wife and I open our two bedroom apartment up and we took care of homeless people, feed many who didn’t have a place even to get something to eat, and we even clothed as many as we could along the way. We wanted to be different and we set out to be a different type of Minisrty and we even name it an entirely different name that we believe would be catching by every person who comes in contact with we called it, “The New Birth Center” and ran this Ministry for six great years. Out of this Ministry came the baby of TNBC which is called, PKM which stands for “Prophet Kenneth Hare Ministry”.

The second reason why I formed this website is for purchase needs. I wanted to be able to sell product and not just have a Ministry site. I wanted to be able to bring to everyone a place where they can shop and not just shop but buy everything that they need in their personal life. Since I love books and education then this will be the most important part on my selling page. Also in selling the items it will help to fund the Ministry so that I can be free to travel the world and do Ministry in different parts of the world. As being a leader, I believe that the Lord has given us a measure of faith to build a place where everyone can be number one in the Kingdom. So I am inviting everyone to come and buy from my site so that you can help send me to the nations by Teaching the word of God to everyone.

The last purpose of this site is to help the hurting souls, the poor and the homeless, the ones that are hospitalized and need someone to talked too. My goal of this website is to reach people from all around the world and within the inner city with the gospel of Jesus Christ and by teaching the word of God to all whosoever desires to learned. The word of God says, “Write the Vision and make it Plan” and this is one of the main reason for writing this vision out so that everyone can grow together.


Welcome to PKM!



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