39 Years and Going Strong!


39 Years and Going Strong!

In walking with the Lord for the last 39 years, a person tends to deliver a different message each time. I can remember my very first day that I heard about the Lord Jesus Christ. I had no idea who he was and what he was all about. All I knew was the Church doctrine and there way of doing business. It came to me one day while I was sitting at home. My mother and father told us to get in there and do your homework. I would often find my mind running in many different ways. I was not thinking about any homework, but on this day I was studying the stars because I had a science project that was due within a week and I needed to know what the stars was about and why it was important for us to know. So pulling out the World Book of Knowledge well that’s what my mother called it and looked inside of this great book was knowledge, wisdom, and my favorite part pictures. I didn’t think about the understanding at that time or the amount of experience went into writing the book. All I wanted was the pictures of stars and everything else that I could find out for my science project. I studied and stayed in that book for hours, well at least that what it looked like to me.

After I had finished my homework, I walked in the front room of the house. My mother said in a loud voice. “Are you done? Let me see it?” Those two questions seem to run a cold chilled down my spine even now. I show it to her and then all the questions started coming like a motor vehicle collision with my knowledge and thinking. Which was designed to make me think and to this day I still find myself asking questions about everything I study. She asked, “Where did the stars come from? Who made it? Why are they there? What their purpose? How do they affect us? Can you go and see them when you want? Why not?” My mother would ask on and on about every possible way or questions that could be invited. Oh did I tell you, I was only 12 years old at the time. 

This brought on a huge amount of my day in my life of studying and trying to gather as much as information that I could for my mother and father. What I didn’t know was that I had a form of dyslexia operating in my life. It was retaining everything that I was reading and most of the time I didn’t even know what the words was. I struggle with this most of my life and even though my parents drilled me over and over again to know the information, it was stilled hard for me to gather everything that I needed. Even writing these blogs and the books, I still find it hard to get the information that’s needed. But regardless of my failure and pain, I continued to write and expressed a genuine meaning of studying. Learning had become another area for me to push past the pain of being a disappointment to my parents and teachers. Learning became one of the hardest things in my life but when I begin to face my failure in writing and studying is when I started to success in my personal life. Our  parents  raised us to stand before thousands and never move a muscle. We were brought before the family to quote our homework lessons before the family and the Bible was one of our lesson plan that we had to learn.

Growing up in the time frame that I did I was exposed to the words in ways that others cann’t even begin to imagine in their lives for today. The Bible became one of the books that I truly didn’t like in my life and made up in my mind that I would not learn it or even talk about it to know one else, but look at me now. It has become my life source and honestly I can not live without it. One day while I was looking through the book, a thought came to me and said, “Have you ever consider what’s in Me?” Of course I looked at the book, and around the room for this voice, but no one was there. Yes, naturally it scared me and I wonder who was saying anything to me less long having a converstation with from a book. I didn’t know what to do, but since I was only a child I decided that no one ever know anything about what took place on that day. The boy was I wrong about that day! Every since that day, I have been teaching and explaining the word of God to every person who will take the time to listen to the words coming out of my mouth. Afterwards, I found myself running to the book for everything. I didn’t have a relationship at the time, but I spend all my time studying it’s content. I wanted to know how can this book speak to me and I found out. Now that I have been studying the Bible for the last 39 years, I find myself in a position where I was in the beginning. I still want more and I desire for more questions than answers so I can keep on asking the question of why, how, when, where, what, which, and can this be? I thank God for my mother and father, who took the time out to make sure I study the word of God more than anything. If it had not been for my mom and dad who took the time out to find out what was wrong with me at a younger age I would still be that kid thinking I could not be successful in my life. I discovered that studying on any level will make you smart even if you are only looking at the pictures. The pictures speak a million words without even saying a thing. The cool part about pictures, is they do not ask questions! My siblings are part of my big success because of their encouragement and believing that one day I will be successful in this land.

I just wanted to give a shout out to my family members, it is because of your deep questions and your overall pushing me to be successful as well as getting me the necessary help in my reading and writing that I am successful in all that I do. Thank you for pushing me to a new area in my life and letting me express myself in and through my writing.  

Remember that success does not start at school, but at home when you encourage your son or daughter that they can be successful in life. It is through your eyes and your words that will shape a person life. Lay hands on your sons and speak words of power, knowledge, wisdom, and a strong faith to be a young man and a successful leader in the home and work as well in relationship. Lay hands on your daughters and tell her that she is the most power queen that has ever walk on the face of this earth. Teach how her to be a leader by learning how to use her wisdom, knowledge, and understanding within in her life. Teach her how to be a girl-friend first, then a wife, and later on a mother, but most of all teach her how to be a woman of God. It is through the knowledge that we have within our lives that we can be successful in the lives that are given to us for a period of time. I am so glad that I was in my niece and nephew lives to help raise them to be a very successful!


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