In a relationship there are times when you have to be pulled away from everything around you and focus completely on your relationship that you have with Jesus. When looking at where you are at in life sometimes you have to reach inside of yourself and deal with some issues that make you be the person that you are supposed to be in life. It’s easy to speak to someone about the substance of the relationship, but when you begin to deal with you and not the person that most people outside of who you truly are at home. When the real you are questions for being the person that you are used to being, it is through this time that you can see the readiness of your life. This is the time when you are not able to express who you are in the face of the person whom you love.

Real relationship is not found in the life of the person that you are in love with, but it is in the relationship that you have with the Father and the Son. If you are not in love with Jesus, then you cannot fall in love or inner into a love affair with no else. I deal with this for a number of years and even though I deal with these issues, I stilled had to face them and be willing to discuss each one with the person that I am to be with. I cannot enter into a relationship without bringing the war that I have been in and the battles that I have lost or won. The relationship is not built on talked or love. It is built on trust from both sides of the relationship.

When I came to Jesus, he had a trust issues with me and I had some with him starting off. It was not an instant relationship even though He was God’s Son. I had to build up my trust to trust Him not because He was God, but because of my past hurt in trusting authority in my life. His humbleness did not condemn me because He was God, but He came as a friend to me and then explain to me who He was instead of what He was. The reason that He explain who He was instead of what He was is because He wanted to reach me and not build another authority figure into my life. He brought the truth of who He is in our lives. Jesus did not come to just be my personal saver, but He came to build a relationship with me like no other relationship on this earth.

Then He taught me how to enter into another relationship before I enter into a love relationship. I had to learned how to open my life up and express my life from His point of view instead of the way that I was viewing Him. You know sometimes we view Jesus as being the Lord only and nothing else in our lives. We sometimes get lost in finding Him because we go behind the church and think we are serving Him, but we come to find out that in this type of relationship does not exist in His face. We get lost not because we don’t love Him, but because we failed to have the true relationship that He brings toward us. Yes, it hurts at times to be in this relationship, but when you have built a relationship with Him than every relationship after Him is built on a real understanding of who He is in your life.

Jesus taught me how to trust, enter into a love affair, and how to release my life into the hands of another lady that will love me for me. He taught me how to enter into the real called that is on my life and how to look past the pain and the failure of the people who once called on His name. After building this type of relationship with Him, I can honestly say that I have one of kind that will last forever. My personal relationship with a young lady that is willing my heart will be worth the time and the overall patience to be special in my life and in hers, but this does not goes to me, but to my Lord and personal Savior Jesus Christ who has become my best friend, my brother, and my immediate family member. He has taught me how to embrace the life that is before me and how to be able to break down my walls for His glory to shine in my life. It s because of Him that I even have a relationship and I am giving Him glory and honor for all that he does in my life.

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