A Measure of Faith!

When I started this business I wanted to give a real message to the heart of the people and help them grow in the manner that will be pleasing to the Lord. As I enter into this internet business as being affiliate manager for a company that would help me to make some necessary funds. I have come to understand that no matter what opportunity is before you it requires work in order to be successful in life.

Work is like a relationship, the more you want to learned about the relationship the more work you have to put into it to get results your are look for out. No real relationship can be successful just because you know a person or because the person may have heard about your name or place of business. It requires spending time in studying the necessary items and learning the product in details. Likewise in learning this internet business it will require the same amount of power and knowledge to gather the neccesary understanding to grow successfully.

This reminds me of my measure of faith that I have with in my life. I have been saved for the last 39 years and out of those 39 years I have worked for the Lord in Ministry for the last 15 years. I ran a successful Ministry out of my two bedroom apartment when my wife was alive for four years and for two years out of our three bedroom home. In 2010, I close the doors to our House Ministry and took care of my wife who had become very sick from Pulmonary Hypertension that affected her heart completely. The results of us shutting down the Ministry was very hard on the both of us since we both love teaching and taking the word of to everyone.

In 2010, my wife was given the bad news that the sickness she had would not let her live a full life as we had planned. When my wife told me of the news we both decided to keep this to ourselves and just release our lives to Christ Jesus. We did exactly what we said we would be doing and in the cycle of our lives as we witness the move of God in more ways than one. Our measure of faith went through the roof on everything that we did together and a part. That is why this message is so important to be written at this time in my life. Because of my measure of faith, I am able to stand in the face of failure and win more now than before in my life.

This action does not come without a price that costs me more than just money, but it costs me the opportunity to be successful for the Kingdom of God. My measure of faith is what I need to be successful and it is what you need as well. I am not going to write about how I overcame things or that someone walk up to me and put a million dollars into my hands. No none of that happen! But what did happen was me taking a chance on finding another opportunity to be successful in my life and have the freedom to do God’s work daily.

This business will do exactly what I will need it to do in my life and I will be successful not because I clock in at seven in the morning and clock out at seven at night. I wanted a new opportunity where I can come before the Lord and seek His face and travel around the world Teaching the word of God freely. I come not to do the thing by sitting in a building and someone else telling me when I can days off, when I can take my vacation, when I can take a leave of absent, and when I can have a holidays off or not. I did not want to go back into a dead end job and wonder the rest of my life would I be successful enough to make it or would I stilled be on the same job with no benefits to show for my years of service.

My measure of faith had to be push beyond my next stage in my life and I knew that I was the only one who could make it happen. So, I did what I had to do and I step out on faith. Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen”. My first task from the Lord was found in the beginning of this verse, “NOW FAITH”. Seven letters that means more in my life now they ever could have been in my life.

N – Never look things as they are, but always take the time out to study what is in front of you and then work with it first. After you have carefully broke it down, study it again then take it to the Lord for His approve.

O – Obedience is the best part of living for the Lord. When you take time out to obey the voice of the Lord in your life then every thing else will fall into place.

W – With God all things work out for the good. Always walk with the Lord. I live my life in the very face of the Lord. I imagine myself always with the Lord. If I go to the movies, He goes with me. If I stay home, He is with me there. If I go on a date, He is there with me also. There is no place that I cannot go or will not go without the Lord being with me and there is no decision that I cannot make without His approve. So, in other words, I live my life around the Lord at all times.

F – Failure is not an options. I cannot give up on the things that I am seeking for in this life no more than I will give up on walking into the kingdom of God. I live and breathe in the very face of my Lord and there for I cannot give up because I have lost my job, my wife, my mother and father, and many other things. I must push myself to the next stage in my life and it requires that failure is not an options.

A – Always moving forward is very needful for my life. After the death of my wife and mother, I was push back into a corner and I had to see myself as I was. I became lonely and very depressed on the situation. I did not want to talk to anyone or meet anyone to move from where I was at. I became comfortable in my zone, but when I look back on those days, I realize that I was stilled moving forward in spite of what I wanted to do. I had to make up in my life, was this going to be my new home or was I just going to died in my place? I made the choice to get up and always move forward and ever since that moment, I have been moving and pushing myself in the right direction for the purpose of the Kingdom.

I – Identified who you are in this life. If you do not know you then no one else will know the real you. After meeting a very dear and close friend, she taught me how to addressed me. How to deal with the me that I wanted to keep in silence. After listening to her and coming to a better understanding, I started to work with my life. Now I am open to others and they can see the real me and get to know me more. The best part about this is that I get to know myself as well.

T – Take no prisons with you. Many times in war we want to take things that someone else once owns. We want to bring something that does not belongs to us and place it on our stage for show and tell moments in our lives. The truth of the matter is, if doesn’t belong to you then don’t take it with you. It will soon become the broken item that it is in your hands and then you wake up and ask yourself, why is this thing in my life? While you are fighting your war, let everything lay where it falls and you continue to walk on for Christ.Trust me, you will be much better and lighter than normal in your life.

H – Hell doesn’t need you. The last part of this lists is “Hell Doesn’t Need You!”. The reason I put it in that form, is because no matter how smart or big with get in life, Hell and Heaven will stilled be the place where we will either spend our lives at. Hell doesn’t need you to add to the flames that are already there. Your destiny does not have been there and there is no reason for you to live in lack because you don’t have the necessary means at the moment. Your success is not build on what I do or don’t do in life, but what you do in life. Now, be successful not because of me, but because of who you are in Christ Jesus.

The second part of this sentence is found in my “Substance”. If I don’t  seek my substance from the Lord, then why I am stilled asking for His grace and power. It will require for me to get up from where I am laying and be about my Father’s Business. I cannot be about His business when I am stilled laying in the bed or acting like someone owes me something for being born. I used to hear this all my life and I got tired of hearing these words. So, I had to get up and change my way of living and start been successful in my life.

I love writing as you can tell, but there were a time I could not even complete a sentence. I did not know what a noun was or any of the other things in writing. But in spite of what I did not know or in spite of that I could not read well. Despite of me reading on a fourth grade level throughout my whole high school life. I push myself to the point that I would be successful, not for you, but for myself. Now the knowledge that I have gain is not in vain, but in power for the Kingdom of God. I write and teach people how to overcome because I am a overcomer in life.

This is my substance of things hopeful and the evidence of not seen. I did not see this part and I did not stay in this area to be left in the dark because of my reading and understanding problems in my life. I am successful because I am not willing to give up even when everyone else in my is. So, for everyone who will read this post, it is my prayer that you find something out of this to encourage you to be successful for your life and that you will connect with me on my new business. Let’s together grow and be successful in our lives.

Thank for reading my first post!

Kenneth R. Hare

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