Writing A Children’s Book!

I have been thinking about writing a children’s book about the power of the Holy Spirit. I think it would make a great cartoon characters to help aid children with the Holy Spirit plus learning about the Godhead of the three in one. If you’re think this would be a great idea, please leave me an honest answers so I can know to write a description that going to rock the minds of our children.



Biblical Studies for 2017

If you are interested in learning more about the Bible, then we need to connect with each other. I am teaching a series on how to dive into the Bible and don’t come up for air.

For classes and programs available as well time and place, please connect with me at 601-934-5742 For more information.

Classes starts at $50.00 dollars a person with at least 25 students per section. This is a class you do not want to missed.

If you have a growing Ministry and needs this class section for your Minister, then please by all means let’s connect.

Thank You!

Kenneth Hare

Relationship Retreated

I am believing that the Lord Jesus Christ has given me a deeper instructions to understanding relationship between two people. Base on my personal experience with my Lord Jesus Christ and my personal relationship with my late wife Brandi, that I can help aid others in truly understanding there loves by taking you inside your relationship without your wife in the room and then without the husband in the room. I am being a different look into the relationship because I bring Christ from a different perspective.

If you’re interested in booking me for a Relationship Retreated then by all means let’s connect.

I am a Motivation Speaker and Christian Leader.

I have my Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio Christian Universally as well am a Ordained Prophet, Pastor, teacher of God’s Word.


Let’s Connect Soon!

601-934-5742 for booking appointments


When You Realize You Have Sin

There is a scripture in the Bible that says, “When you have realize that you have sin repent then!” It’s important that we obey what the word of God’s says and we must obey it to the letter.

I was approached by a very dear friend of mine that I have done something that was wrong toward others. When he informed me of this situation I didn’t remember or realize that I have done something wrong. He said am going to pray that God revealed this to you. Well, he prayed and I prayed also on this matter as well. What happened is the Lord aloud me to go back into my past and experience the situation as they were and not just experience but hear the words. This troubled me greatly because now I know that I had sin.

Now I know you maybe thinking isn’t that under the blood of Jesus Christ? You would be correct. It is under the blood of Jesus Christ, but the enemy also knows that I have not repented of the sin or matter at hand. I believe that the Lord has taken me back for the purpose of moving forward without something coming up or holding me in the moment of failure on my part.

I took time out to truly search my heart because I do not want to destroy any part of my relationship with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I wanted to be able to be free and minister without someone judging my past action base on the sins that has come up before the Lord. So my purpose is to seek forgiveness from everyone that I had offended while walking in this life. Since I am aware of the sin, I must repent with a pure heart and mind toward each person whom I offended.

This is why forgiveness is so important to the Lord and the people. True forgiveness doesn’t start outside the person but it starts within the heart of the person. In order for me to be a Prophet for the Nation, I must be able to fully understand where I am at with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

It’s so important that you develop a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ rather than just having a fellowship during a meeting of the minds. A true relationship between two people deals with past issues, problems, frustration, misunderstanding, loneliness, feelings and emotions outbursts that comes from both sides. It deals with getting to know the other person heart and mind. The same applies to knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. You cannot have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ without knowing his words and phrases. You cannot afford to walk around on a few scripture and think you are having a real relationship with Jesus Christ. It doesn’t work that way. The relationship is between the two of you and this mean facing your past with his help and addressing any situation that comes up and dealing with the outcome the correct way. True relationship cost something than simply saying I love you. It’s learning what makes you think. It’s learning how to actually communicate to the other person without truly understanding who you are as a person.

Relationship is not a moment in time, but the very acts of forgiveness that is place within the heart of a person. Jesus Christ have forgiving me not because I am a sinner only, but because I am willing to have a relationship with him that I truly never had before. My late wife was the love of my life. I love her beyond measure and I love her with a pure heart and mind toward her thoughts. But the way that I love her was through the way that I love the Lord Jesus Christ and the way he loves me. My love could not be any different than what I have for him.

It’s the same for today, my love is so real that people are scary to understand who I am as a lover. Ladies rather walk away, men rather stand at a distance and look, but true love requires more than a normal life. Its because people are so used to putting Jesus Christ in their special place instead of accepting him as he is. A loving Lord that truly understand who you are in this life. I am forgiving because I made a choice to face my wrong doing on this side of the earth so I can spend the rest of my life with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

It’s my prayer that each person who reads this finds hope and true forgiveness in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.



The Child Within

When I was a child, it was so hard for me to understand simple words. I would spend hours studying and reading books to gain the information that were neede.I struggle to understand simple words and there meaning as well as breaking them down into sentence for my understanding and the teachers. So I found myself in place where my mind could not understand what I was reading. The process took time but as a child I wasn’t interested in time. I wanted a now results.

The problem became such a heartache filled I refuse to learned the words itself. I knew in my heart and mind that I could write but bringing that out of my mind would require some much needed work. My daddy believe in me and he took it upon himself to teach me how to study. My mother also taught me how to remember every words in a book. My siblings talk me to to dig into the knowledge ofthe words.

Each person taught me how to study and understand the words that were speaking back to me the whole time. As I learned this valuable resource for my life, I begin to express to them my desires to be a successful writer. Of course this didn’t go over well especially since I couldn’t spell or write a complete sentence.

So I struggle each day and one day my dad brought me a book and he said learned this valuable information about this book. He said, “You must know every word, meaning, page number, and bbe able to break down every words in life. I took the book and I look at it just thinking it would be something else, but to my amazement it was what he saw I needed. He gave me the Webst3Dictionary. I told him I will learned it and I did before he died in a house fire back in 80’s. I honor my father and mother for pushing into studying beyond where I am in my life”.

Am encouraging everyone to purchase my new books and this book as well. I know that each book will be a true blessings in the lives of someone else. Let’s support one another!

Author Kenneth R Hare

The Four Weapons of War!

In the book of Eph. 6:10 – 12, gives us detail into the weapons of our warfare that we must stand against in fighting the enemies of our warfare. In order for us to fully gain insight into our lives, we must understand how the enemy knows our lives to the fullness.

As I was praying one day about this very subject, I enter into prayer to asked the Lord a lists of questions that would be most helpful to others and myself. As I begin to ask these questions, I was given a look into the very heart of the enemy as he would be given the assignment of a person. Since I was the person asking the questions, the Lord allowed me to understand the very attacks that was taking place within my life.

My first question was, “Why I am under attack?” I have addressed this very question on Facebook.com and other areas to help aid others in their struggles for being attack. I wanted to not just ask for myself, but help others to understand the reason for why these attacks continue to come every second of the day. The results of the answer is what truly pulled me into a deeper study into the word of God.

While I was studying Eph. the sixth chapter my second question came out of the needs to know why we must do one powerful thing in this section after we have put on the our gear for battle. “Why must we stand with our gear on for battle and never fight?” This is an easy question to asked, but hard to explain in great detail. One of the biggest problem in fighting an enemy is standing in the face of him and you cannot fight him back.

This brings me back to my study section with the Lord and learning the four major areas that will help me as well as you win your next battle. The four weapons are needed for our will in standing in the midst of a great battle.

  1. The Political Standing of your area of attack – this is area is so important because the enemy has study you from the beginning of your birth. The very moment that you were born, he was assigned to your life. His mission is to teach how to accept the death condition of sin that is already within your life. He purpose is to keep you blind to the point of salvation and that Jesus is alive in will. The moment that you accepted this knowledge is the moment that you have become the number one target on the enemies hit list. Your life is wrapped around the amount of knowledge that you continue to share with him. The scriptures say, “From the heart the mouth speaks!” It is what you are releasing that is distorting your destiny not the actual demon that is assigned to your life. It’s your words that are bringing the main attacks. Remember he cannot do anything until you release the words from your heart through your mouth.
  2. The Thought Process from your area – The enemy knows your surrounding and what you are into within your life. When you accept Christ into your life, your life must change for the better and not remained the same way. You must take a stand on your condition of your heart.
  3. Your Operation Stand Point  – know your placement and how to overcome the areas that you are operating within. You must know where you stand as a believer in the power of the Lord. Studying your Word is one of the must important weapons in this battle. Spending time in the Word and Prayer is your second most important weapon. If you don’t know the word, then how will you talk to the Lord and defeat the enemies of darkness?
  4. Know your tactical – again knowing your word, studying, thinking on the word of God, spending time with the Lord, talking to the Holy Spirit, and listening are all important tactical against the enemy. This is very important because your number attack is Standing in the Face of the Enemies and watching the Lord Win your battle, but He can only win when you know the word of God. 


Thinking Outside the Box!

Hello Team!

Thinking Outside the Box has taken me to another area within the Lord. I will lead you to a new placement within the reach of understanding your surrounding. Through the Holy Spirit helps, He has given me inside into the process of learning something new and understanding for my life and the lives of others.

Where and how does this effect your input into this powerful idea? Am glad you asked that question. With your input in a financial increase of the dream to reach every student with the power of knowledge through understanding. I believe that we can make a difference in the life of every student by teaching how to reach for that power to be successful.

Join me on here and on Facebook as we learned to trust the Lord with our increase and learning to step out on faith to be successful for our next child future.

Thank You!


A Small Beginning

Genesis 1:11a”Each seed is in itself on the earth”.

When I take a look at who I am as a man, have to look back at from where I came from within my life. After I notice the things that were before me many times before, I didn’t notice the seed that was already place within me. I was so busy searching for my purpose but I missed the growth of the seed that were growing in my life.

I became focus on everything else instead of focusing on what was in front of me. I kept missing the real me! Have you been in that place where you are so busy looking to please everything else around you, that you have forgotten about yourself. I have been here so many times before that I was truly missing one of the biggest seeds that were place in my life. I was missing me from coming forward and I was missing what the Lord had place within my soil. I didn’t see the growth because I was so busy focusing on someone else seed. I was so busy trying to water someone else growth and trying to pulled the grass that were growing around the beautiful flower that was growing in their life. I forgot and did not take a look at my growth and I did not take time to stand in the Son and gather in all my necessary needs that I needed so badly in my life.

Each seed was place within my life and I did not let my seed grow within my life, because I was so busy living everyone else dreams and visions and I close my seed down. Please forgive me for dropping the growth of the seeds that were place in my life and for not letting my growth please you. I am sorry because I did not understand that I was despising my small growth in my life.

Zechariah 4:10 “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line Zerubbabel’s hand”. (The seven lamps represent the eyes of the Lord that search all around the world).

I didn’t think my life was important. I think no one care for me. I did not know that my small beginning even matter in the hand of the Lord. I cried out so many times and never knew that my tears were watering my growth. I did not know that my purpose was still lying in the same place where I left it. Lord, forgive me for not trusting you with my small beginnings and not understanding that the seed that you have place within me has not been something that I wanted so much to be within my life. I am seeking for my world to be change not because I am a seed, but because I am faithful to understanding that I am needed in the process of understanding who I am in you, Lord.

Plant within me a new understanding of my seed and teach me how to be a farmer for your Kingdom sake. Teach me how to harvest in a garden that will be pleasing in your eyes. Teach me how to take the seed that is on the inside of me, and teach me to become reborn to another placement in the Lord.

2 Chronicles 16:9 “For the eyes of the Lord move to and from throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His. You have acted foolishly in this, indeed from now on you will surely have wars”.

Help me Lord, to be the person that you can find as you are searching throughout the earth. Here I am Lord, I am standing up as a new growth for your glory. I know that you are search for those who will worship you in Spirit and Truth. I am seeking you Lord as much as you are seeking for your seeds that are place within my life. Help me, to walk upright, to live according to your wills and ways. Teach me how to be a small harvest in your hands. Mold me to operate as a seed and help me to continue to die in the process of this growth and let me understand why I am stilled at the grace of the seed that is still keeping me in the same place where I first begin to grow.

I want to be a seed that can be used for your greatness. Not because I am just a seed, but that I must understand that I must died inside of the center of the seed. One of my biggest problems in dying is that I do not want to died. I believe that I am purpose here to stay, but each week, each day. each second there are so many ways that ensure me that death must come and it must happen. But even though all this death situation is happening around me, until I am willing to died as a seed, then I am not willing to be born according to the word of God. I must die so that Christ must increase in my life.

Job 8:7 “Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end should greatly increase”.

Looking back at my life and the seeds that I have sown, I have to ask myself a lists of questions. Did I do all that I could do to be successful in the power of the Lord? Did I allow my seed to died? Did I truly seek the Lord? Did I submit to the Lord my understanding or my reason for what has happen? I am I willing to understand that I am born small and not big or fully grown? So, when I am looking at where I am in life, I have to know if I am dying out to the myself or to my friends and family members and replace them with the Lord instead of just dying in the first place. Did I make them to become a god in my life instead of just dying out to the god of myself?

After my question lists, I am left with a deep look into the hole that I just pulled myself out of. You see, I did not realize that the Lord had place me in the soil in the very first beginning of my life. I was so busy taking care of everything else around me, that I could not understand the source that I am still inside of the most. I did not know I was in some soil. I did not know why I was so dirty and I there are some parts on me that were dying. I did not understand that on the inside of me was not from this world and no matter how many times, I have tried to fix into in this world, I was not from this place. I am a seed from the Lord.

Hosea 2:3 “Who is left among you that saw this house in her first glory?”

Proverbs 15:3 “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good”.

Revelation 5:6 “And I beheld and see in the middle of the throne and the four living beings and among the twenty – four elders”.

After I looked at my life, I realize that I am just a seed that must died. I am a seed that must be dry out from the lifestyle that I am in. I must be a seed that must lay out in the sun and died of thirst. I must be a seed that goes through the process of dying and stop fighting the outcome of the process. I must learned that once this take place, I must be not more again. The last reason that I must do, is realize that once I am dead I cannot come back anymore, but I can become the birth of the seed that I am supposed to be in Him.


A Prophet’s Word!

Jesus said in the word of God that we are not to look to the south or to the north for his return. We are not to run to anyone who comes up and say that I am the Christ. We are not to run after other gods or worship man in place of Him. We are not to do any of these things but we are to worship and respect the called that is on his life.

With all that being said and done. We as a nation are completely the difference of what He actually told us today. Instead we are living as if we will be here for the next few years or so to live out our dreams and build big houses to stay here forever. As a born again believer, it is our job to actually live a life that will please the Lord. Even in the face of our friends and family members.

Now I know that this life is not what everyone is doing these days and this maybe a total different lifestyle than what can be done in our lives. But when we truly think about our lives, what is our life truly about? Are we living to please the Lord or ourselves? What about our desires, are we truly living to please our desires for the Kingdom of God?

You see question like these can be answer at PKM by taking the time out to truly seek what you want from the Lord rather than what others think you need. PKM is not your normal type of Ministry, but it is Kingdom Purpose. This means that it is not design around your normal type of Church setting or your normal kind of message that fills your ears on a Sunday morning. It is not a place where your clothing has a powerful course to run or if you do not have an education. But it is for everyone who truly needs a relationship from the Lord. This is what Ministry is about and it is not about your Pastor name or to Church Building you have at your side.

The bottom line is this, Can your life style or the things you are doing take you to Heaven? Can the Church that you go to every week give you the keys to the Kingdom of God? Can you your pastor or your apostle give you the information that you need for your personal growth and still bring you into the Kingdom of God? Can you your studying or not studying the word of God bring you into the face of God the Father?

If your answer to any of these question is no, then you need to contact me and let’s talk about your next step in Christ. Am not looking for your placement into PKM, but your placement in the body of Christ Jesus.  All you have to do is repent of your sins, accept Jesus Christ into your life, and start walking and living for the Lord. Then ask the Lord to lead you to a true Bible Teaching place of Worship and continue to live and operate according to the Will of the Lord.